Your Synchronize team

John McGuiness
Business Development Consultant

(201) 747-2140
[email protected]

Cat Bevier
Senior Product Specialist

(619) 404-3037
[email protected]

Cathy Montoya
Licensing + Contracting Specialist

(763) 703-5362
[email protected]

Renae Guetzkow
Client Services Manager

(763) 404-7107
[email protected]

Jean Hall
Senior Case Manager – Underwriter

(763) 404-7117
[email protected]

Jeff Kehne
Controller/Operations Manager

(763) 404-8383
[email protected]

John Beaton
Executive Business Consultant

(508) 367-7955
[email protected]

Cassie Schuh
Internal Business Development Partner

(619) 387-9275
[email protected]


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