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Understanding and navigating
risk for your business

In this informative session, you will gain valuable insights into the importance of understanding and properly navigating risk to protect your business.

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Social Security savvy

Social Security Savvy is designed to educate and help financial advisors develop a comprehensive strategy for their clients that integrates Social Security benefits with other sources of retirement income.

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Understanding how Kai-Zen can help your clients retire

Saving enough money to retire comfortably isn’t always easy. As a result, high-income professionals usually seek alternative methods to maximize retirement savings.

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Understanding the
SECURE Act 2.0

From RMDs to student debt, the SECURE Act 2.0 will likely impact a large segment of your client base. We review the new legislation and discuss possible opportunities for you and your business.

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Sunsetting The Estate Tax:
Planning ideas to consider

In this 30-minute webinar, we will delve into the current estate planning landscape and how high-net-worth clients can make the most of historically high lifetime estate tax exemptions before they expire.

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Long-Term Care: Understanding
State Initiatives & Potential Tax

Is the Long-Term Care TAX Coming to Your State? Many states are struggling with a familiar problem: how to pay for long-term care costs. Several states are exploring initiatives to address and reduce long-term care spending, and this could have a direct impact on you and your clients.

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Protecting the Future of
Small Businesses:
Uncovering Strategies and Solutions
in the Small Business Market

In this webinar, we focus on business-owner clients and the planning opportunities for financial advisors, including planning opportunities that exist with small businesses, the lifecycle of small businesses and planning conversations for each stage and business risks and solutions to consider.

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Tax ready retirement

Do you manage your clients’ retirement assets? Do your clients plan to retire from those assets? Are you considering the impact of taxes? Traditional retirement planning focuses on tax deferral until the distribution phase. However, when retirees begin to withdraw these assets, they are often surprised at the toll of taxation. This 30-minute webinar explores common taxation surprises that can occur in retirement. We also discuss planning decisions and ideas to help manage taxes during retirement.

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Long-Term Care planning:
Delivering critical advice
during a vulnerable time

If you are a financial advisor managing retirement-age clients, you will inevitably be faced with helping clients navigate a long-term care need. This 30-minute webinar features Amada Senior Care. Amada specializes in caregiving, and LTCi claims advocacy and will provide a unique perspective for advisors to consider when helping clients in this vulnerable phase of life.

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Protecting your
business in 2024

Cyber risk is a growing concern for many firms. It poses many unknowns, making it hard for financial advisors and firms to protect themselves. This webinar discusses the common risks advisors face today, potential gaps in protection, and ideas for protecting you and your business.

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Planning opportunities in the
current environment

Discover how individuals and businesses have benefited from reduced taxes since the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. Unveiling an array of tax advantages that have played a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape. However, many of these favorable provisions are set to sunset on January 1, 2026. This webinar is for financial advisors and will focus on the planning strategies tailored for today’s environment and how to stay ahead in navigating the evolving tax landscape.

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Special needs planning

This insightful session delves into the complexities and importance of financial planning for individuals with special needs. We offer guidance on navigating government benefits and legal considerations and life insurance strategies to help create security and independence.

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Managing sequence of return risk

In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss how life insurance can help reduce sequence of return risk in retirement. Sequence of returns risk refers to the possibility of experiencing negative market returns later in one’s working years and/or early in retirement, potentially impacting the longevity of retirement savings.

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Understanding Life Settlements

Studies show that over $200 billion in life insurance is lapsed into insurance companies each year. Often, seniors are unaware their life insurance policies may be their largest asset. In this webinar, we host a Q/A discussion on Life Settlements. This unique financial planning tool can help you unlock the value of life insurance policies that your clients may no longer need.

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